Tuesday 27 May 2008


Tomás Morales was born on October 10th 1884 in Moya. Nowadays, his parents´ house is a museum. He studied in San Agustín school, a quiet village of Vegueta, where years before, Benito Pérez Galdós had studied.

He studied medicine in Cádiz, then he finished to studies in Madrid where he wrote his first verses and he met other famous authors in those moments: Díez Canedo, Salvador Rueda, González Blano, Salvador Rueda wrote the prologue of his first poetic book “ poemas de gloria, del amor y del mar” edited in 1908- From this moment, Tomás Morales continued writing verses and he became one of he best members of Modernism.

When he finished his studies, Tomás Morales starts to work in Agaete, there he get married with Leonor Ramos de Armas and received to his friends in his house: Poets, artists, actors, and journalists visited to Tomás Morales and spend a nice time: Néstor, Claudio de la Torre, Saulo Torón, Alonso Quesada, Rafael Cabrera, Colacho Massieu and luis Doreste Silva.

The last days of his life, Tomás Morales spent his time in Las Palmas working like a doctor. He was vicepresident of Insular Council. He died He died on 15th August 1921 when he was only 36 years old.

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