Tuesday 27 May 2008


He was born in Madrid in 1920. He lives in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria when he was a child and he studied in The University of La Laguna and Madrid.

He got married and he had four children. He loved literature and chess. He was a good impresser, editor, actor and Director of Insular Theatre. He graduated in Philosophy and Letters, and in 1984, he obtains the prize of “Canarias” of Literature.

From his work in prose, it’s very important “La maleta del Sur” (1956), Desconfianza (1945) Diario de una mosca (1994), “Cuentos sin geografía y otras narraciones” (1968).

From this poetic work perhaps the most important are “La maleta” y “Consejo de Paz”.
Other works are “Cinco poemas (1944) y “Romancero canario”(1946), “Paloma o herramienta” (1989) y “Romance del tiempo” (1950).
As a politic, he was regional member of parliament, President of Insular Town in Gran Canaria and Councillor of education.

He died on September 10th, 2002 in Las Palmas when he was 82 years old.

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