Tuesday 27 May 2008


He was born in Orihuela 1910. He reads classic Spanish authors and he entered en El Radical circle with his great friend Ramón Sijé, the person who Miguel Hernández dedicated the most beautiful poem in Spanish Language.
Later, he published some poems in Orihuela newspaper and El Gallo Crisis magazine. In 1933, his first book appeared: Perito en lunas.
In 1934 he transferred to Madrid some difficulties. In 1935, he published “El rayo que no cesa”, integrated by written sonnets following the classic forms of the Gold Century.
When the Civil War began, Hernández, affiliated to the communist group of Spain and he came in the republican army.
During the War, his poetic production had a politic character, like “Viento del pueblo” published in 1937. This same year, he got married with Josefina Manresa and participated in activities of…

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