Tuesday 27 May 2008


She was born in Las Palmas in 1907 in a family dedicated to Art. So that, she studied Music, Poetry and Dramatic interpretation.

In literature he was helped by his brother Claudio de la Torre,
who was a novelist and dramaturge in that epoch. He won a National of Literature Prize, especially like an actress in theatre sessions which were organized in her family’s house and directed by his brother.

In twenties, he travelled to Madrid and she met different writers of the capital of Spain. There, she had relations with Pedro Salinas, Lorca, Alberti and other intellectuals in Students Residence (Madrid). She received a large influence from writers belongs to 27 Generation.

In this important year (1927) she published his first book of poems, titled “Versos y Estampas” with a prologue written by Pedro Salinas, his teacher. Later, she wrote “Poemas en la isla”. During the large period governed by Franco, she only published a book of verses. However, she writes some novels of commercial style and she worked like a cinema and theatre actress.

After Spanish Civil War and when she lived in Madrid again. She worked with María Guerrero in his theatre company. Later, she formed her own comedian company. Finally, Josefina said goodbye with a Spanish TV film “Anillos de oro”. She died in Madrid in 2002.

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