Tuesday 27 May 2008


He was born in 1902 in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz and he died in Madrid in 1999.

He was considerate as a wonderful poet in Spain. He was the last poet of Generation of 27, he won a National Prize of Literature in 1925 and Cervantes prize in 1983.

During the Civil War, he participated in Spanish politic and directed in several magazines with communist orientation.

Rafael Alberti was in exile 38 years. Later, on April 27th, 1977 he comes back to Spain. The first words when he goes down the plane were: “I went out with my closed hand and I return with my opened hand like a symbol of concordance between all of Spaniards”.

Some work:
· “13 bandas y 48 estrellas”
· “Con los zapatos puestos tengo que morir”.
· “El alba del alhelí.
· “La arboleda perdida”
· “Lo que canté y dije de Picasso”.
· “Marinero en Tierra”
· “Sobre los ángeles”
· “Cal y canto”
· “Sermones y Moradas”
· “A la pintura”


Dove was wrong .
It was wrong.
By going to the North, went to the South.
He believed that the wheat was water.
It was wrong.
He believed that the sea was heaven;
that night was the morning.
It was wrong.
That the stars were spray;
that the heat was the snowfall.
It was wrong.
That your skirt was your blouse;
that your heart was your home.
It was wrong.
(She fell asleep on the shore.
You, at the summit of a branch.)

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