Sunday 12 April 2009

Objectives, methods, calendar and activities.

Extracted from the powerpoint presentation that is available on Google Docs.

Objectives, methods, calendar and activities.

Main Objective

“To promote the cooperation between schools and educative communities from different European countries to enrich ourselves from our own differences in order to make a multicultural Europe”.

• To improve the attitudes in our pupils.
• To compare the different cultures and ways of living in order to value the signs of identity in each country.
• To increase attitudes of solidarity, cooperation and tolerance in the Educative Community.
• To exchange experiences and work materials by common consent.
To reinforce the recognition that we are European people in the global world.
Concrete Objectives

• ... Awake the imagination and the fantasy.
• ... Promote the creative.
• ... Increase the writting and oral languages.
• ... Improve the locution, entonation and pronunciation.
• ... Increase verbal games: words, sound and rhyme.
• ... Induce the poetic language.
• …Foster oral expressions through dramatization of poetic works and theatre plays.
• …Develop non-linguistic strategies to express themselves such as: gestures, mime, etc.
• …Discover folk costumes through popular theatre works.

• Collect and classify the documents relationated with activities.
• E-mail between students.
• E-mail between teachers.
• Use of several written and audiovisual materials.
• Video recording of theatre plays.
• Analyze the elaborated documents.
• Plastic Memory.
• Create artistic productions


• 30/10/2008 Approval the General Annual Directive Staff, Staff and Programme Educate Council
• 29/11/2008 Meeting project in Latvia. Coordinators and Teachers
• 03/12/2008 Divulge the project in Latvia Coordinators, Teachers
• 16/12/2008 Divulge the project Coordinator and Staff
• 15/01/2009 Work about the poetry and theatre Coordinator, Staff and reality each country Pupils

• 20/03/2009 Language’s day Educative Community
• 23/04/2009 Book’s day Teachers and Pupils.
• 25/05/2009 Exhibition with literary and artistic Coordinator, Staff, Pupils' works and Community
• 29/05/2009 Popular Theatre Educative Community

• 15/06/2009 Annual Memory and evaluation Coordinator, Staff and Educative Community


• Dramatization of poetics works.
• Dramatization of: air, water, earth and fire.
• Reading Theatre.
• Folk Theatre.

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