Thursday 30 April 2009


We'll realize our last meeting in Sitia - Kriti, Greece, from May 1st to May 8th. Dimotiko Scholio Palekastrou, greek partner in our project, organize the meeting. We'll made the Project Evaluation and General Memory in this meeting.
The town of Sitia was built up in Venetian times, destroyed and later rebuilt by the Turks, with just a few signs of this history remaining. The name of Sitia is derived from the ancient city of Itia, birthplace of one of the seven wise-men of the antiquity, Mison. Sitia existed during the late Minoan period and until the Venetian period, during which time, the town Sitia was destroyed three times. For two centuries, Sitia ceased to exist as a town until 1869, when the present city was built. Since then, Sitia is developing into on of the most important areas in Crete.

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