Tuesday 7 October 2008

OJĀRS VĀCIETIS (1933 -1983)

Has entered the poetry with a youthful excite-ment, frankness and new winds (collections “ The wind of the far roads”, “In the fires”).
Has been an ardent hater of lies, compromises, being aware of global problems and unsafety of the modern world.
His poetry expression is variegated and rich – from classical four-line rhymes to free poetry and original rhymes of words and sounds.
Because of his talent, integrity and courage, Vācietis became a measurement of poetry and moral values

As huge candlesticks oaks are standing
In nacked autumns and springs
As Latgalian candlesticks oaks are standing
With the moonlight in their brunches

However, the moon is the moon and stars are too far
You don’t nkow about candlesticks’ sufferings.
When at midnights black silence
For candles beg candlesticks’ hands.

But over flows white eternity
Down the Milkyway streams
As huge candlesticks oaks are standing
And waiting for their candles., being his generation’s conscience.
Yellow got covered with snow maples.
Snowy blossom bird-cherryes.
Meadows got covered with flowers
Ah, how sweet is to sink there!

Get covered with snow like bird-cherries
To snow till insanity snow
And then in get stunck in those meadows
And in lips like in a marsh.

Never have been so light.
Ever the sky’s horizon sounds.
Now the world gives you back,
Things you gave to me.
Maply got yellow covered with snow
Snowy bird-cherries snow.
With flowers will fields snow up.
How sweet it is snowing there!

To snow up white as bird-cherries,
To snow till insanity
And then sink in those fields
And lips in a march.

There was never so light
Even the sky’s horizon sounds
Now the world is giving to you all that
you have given to me.

Something quietly, quetly- as snow is snowing,
Something lightly- as faraway memory,
You sing to me, it does not matter, where from,
I am so close to you, that I will definitely hear.
To be closer- it is impossible anyway,
I am so close that you cannot notice the distance,
Everything that exists between us only unites,
So transparent the world can be only when it is happy.


Which water would laugh so much,
If it is drawn with a hand?
God was in love when he created Gauja.

My endless trouble
My feather and paintbrush.
Bloodstring of Vidzeme,
Latvian necklace...

Among all Enisejs,
Elbas and Gangs,
I promise to find you.

I wish you
to have light on your sands
Ryes on you shores
And tears on people funerals.

I wish nor gods, neither devils
To nkow what our words mean
Buti f they catch us and burn
Then only both on one fire!

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