Tuesday 7 October 2008

ASPAZIJA (1865 – 1943)

The brightest poetess of her time, fighting for a serious art, for women’s right, for social progress.
Has opened the history of latvian modern writing.
With Aspazija, the soul enters writing.
Her poetry is very wide – from lyrical poems (collection “An armful of flowers”) to fiery, ardent calls for destroing the old world (collection “The red flowers”).

Aspazija SNOWY DAY (“Sniega diena”)
It is very nice and lovely day
All – big and small have to go out.
Light and bright snow is falling down.
Very well who has a sledge good.
They leave in snow their tracks
And go to up and down.
When wind is blowing pass and overheads.

Aspazija FAIRY TALE (“Pasaciņa”)
On a small and silver grey foal rides L
ittle Fairy-tale. People always think she
Looks like as a pretty little girt
She rides and rides and never stops.
Her foal has silver horseshoes and blue
Bridle made from flowers. She rides and
Rides and nowhere on the world she has not home.

Aspazija THAT IS ME (“Tāda es esmu” )
That is me – sometimes merry as a spring
Sometimes very sad.
Sometimes from my eyes runs spiteful fire
Sometimes lighting runs from my fingers.
That is me.
Among daily viewpoint I feel myself as rose among turnips.
I am a fire among dry switch.
That is me.

Aspazija PRINCESS (“Princese”)
I have listened so many fairy-tales.
But I do not believe them.
I want to find one so nice
That I can remember for a long time.
I want to invent one myself
Where all are nice and real true.
And the nicest would be
Where I am a princess in a golden chair.

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