Monday 9 June 2008

Violeta Palcinskaite

Poetess and the dramatist.

She was born on the 20th of November 1943 in Kaunas. From 1960 till 1964 she studied at the Vilnius University at the historic-philological department. She published her first collection of the verses at the age of 17 years. She devotes the greatest part of her poetry to the young readers and spectators.
Poetess has translated British folklore tales for children and poems of many well-known writers such as R.Dahl. L.Snickt, J..Wilson from the English language
She has obtained many various state awards.

In 1982 at the international festival of children's and youthful films in Italy the film, which was put under the script written by poetess, was rewarded with the gold medal.
In 1988 the surname of poetess was introduced into the honourable book of the International Council of the youth book (IBBY).

The creation of poetess is playful, with the elements of fairy tale, stylistically easy to read, smooth and bright sometimes transmitting thin grief and romantic mood.

Many verses are originally beautiful and express children's happiness, light and limitless searches for kindness.

Today the poetess does not write new verses, and all that is written earlier, finds a place in various magazines, books and in textbooks for a primary school

Violeta Palcinskaite

Uncle Sleep arrives
When no one sleeps in the city.
Did you get tired? I am coming
And I will give out sleeps to all.

Some children will get colored sleeps, some colorless
I will give it to you as a pillow
Did you get tired? I am coming
I will get out stars.

When all got tired
Uncle sleep screws up his eyes
Did you get tired? I will give out
Many sweet sleeps.

Violeta Palcinskaite

The child's carriage was stuck in a corner
Dreaming to be a steam locomotive.
“If I had a steam engine
I Could go by rail”

Having heard this news with pure envy
Pig-coin box has fallen from the wardrobe
And scattered a handful of coins in the room
And old clock has become very angry.....

And a needle has got a heart attack
That it has thrust in an old cap.

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