Monday 9 June 2008

Kostas Kubilinskas (1923-1962)

Kostas Kubilinskas is one of the popular children's poets.
He was born on June 1, 1923 in the village Rudoje of Vilkavishkio region.
He studied at teacher’s seminary, and from 1946 till 1948 he was a student of Vilnius University and Vilnius pedagogical institute.
In the times of fascist occupation he published some anti-bolshevik verses and several poems because of which was excluded from the section of young writers in Vilnius in 1946. In 1948 Kostas Kubilinskas voluntarily turned in the MGB and was recruited.
His first verses were published in the children's periodical in 1938. Because of his magnificently managing Kostas Kubilinskas could give elegant form to any of his work.
Considering children's psychology Kostas Kubilinskas gave cognitive content to his playful children's poems. All his songs, games, riddles are rich of folk motives.
Kostas Kubilinskas’s creation is rich in bright plots, and we can notice alternation of comic and dramatic situations, moreover all characters have their own individualized speech.
His verses were translated into the Polish, Belarusian, Russian, Moldavian, Ukrainian and other languages.
Kostas Kubilinskas died in 1962 in the village Maleevka of Moscow region. He was buried in Vilnius.


A lot of mushrooms grew in the forest
Let’s go to the forest to pick them up.
Romas (a boy) found a boletus,
That was with a thick stem.
But who makes a lot of noise other there?
It’s Milda (a girl) found a lot of chanterelles.
But an angry orange-cap boletus came from under the moss
And said “Please, be more attentive and
pick up mushrooms carefully.
Please, don’t miss me.
A russula raised its head and asked not to pass it too,
It asked children to pick it up and put in the basket.
A cuckoo cuckoos Cuckoo
The sun sits down
All children hurry home
To cook tasty mushroom soup.
Kostas Kubilinskas


My little daughter steps and asks a lot of questions
Why are whiskers necessary to tomcat?
Why does rooster need a spur?
Why does a hare have a short tail?
Why do worms creep only underground?
What does the word WAR mean?
Where does the sun spend the night?
Why is the grandfather always angry?
Why is the granny always sad?
Why do roses blossom in the world?
Where does a butterfly fly?
Why does a candle burn out?
Little daughter asks questions so quickly
That her dad and mom have no time to answer all her questions.

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Unknown said...

Perhaps he tried to escape reality through writing children's poetry. Kubilinskas was a traitor to Lithuania, killed at least one freedom fighter as the Soviet Union began its 50 year occupation of the country and betrayed 10 to 15 others who were subsequently killed. He had a lot to run from.