Thursday 11 June 2009

El Canario Nursery and Primary School. Nursery Education 4-year-old students. "The Chicken Marcelina"

Four-year-old students performed a theatrical play titled "The Chicken Marcelina" on Thursday 28th May at El Canario Nursery and Primary School. The story is about a chicken, its six chicks , the miller and other typical animals from the Canary Islands such as a dog ( The Canary Islands were named after the dogs. Dog in Latin is Canus-cani. When the Spanish arrived on the islands there were a lot of dogs, that's why they named the islands after this animal.), a goat, and a donkey. One day chicken Marcelina found some corn grains. She asked a dog, a goat and a donkey for help. They did not help chiken Marcelina. She wanted to make " gofio" which is typical Canary food, toasted corn grain flour. With Gofio, Chicken Marcelina wanted to make a " gofio pella", a mixture of toasted corn grain flour, water, oil, sugar and salt. At the end she met the miller and he kindly helped her to make the Gofio in his windmill. Chicken Marcelina made the gofio pella and invited the animals to eat it. On the following you can watch a video from this performance. We hope you enjoy it.


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